Blank of high-quality, highly crosslinked polyamide. CopraDur is practically unbreakable and therefore suitable for the fabrication of orthodontic splints with only 0,5mm thickness. It stays very flexible and provides a very smooth, gliding surface for optimum patient comfort. Temporary and long-term temporary restorations can be implemented as well as very affordable permanent crown- and bridge restorations.


The Facts

  • If used appropriately practically unbreakable
  • Suitable for the fabrication of orthodontical splints, permanent crown- and bridge restorations, as well as for temporary restorations and longterm temporary restorations
  • Due to minimal water absorption neither discolourations nor breath odor
  • Colourless/ clear  available


CopraDur PA-Blank 98 mm Ø with Step
Clear  Unit
98 Ø x 15 mm 1
98 Ø x 20 mm 1


CE 26 x 20 0483