CopraSupreme Hyperion

multidimension, 9-layer, high translucent zirconia. In the production process, 5 different layers of pre-coloured Tosoh zirconia powders of different bending strength (≥ 600-1100 MPa) are layered on top of each other, building 4 transition layers in the process.
The result is an extremely natural colour transition for vivid, lively restorations for up to 14 units.


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The facts

    • isostatically pressed
    • lifetime warranty
    • available in the 16 dentin colours A1-D4 and the bleach colours oM1, oM2, oM3
    • possible heights are 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm
    • For further systems click here


    perfection for a lifetime

    Perfection „Made in Germany“
    Due to the exclusive use of very fine, spray granulated raw material from Tosoh / Japan – the world market leader for zirconia dioxides – we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on our zirconia products.

    CE 26 x 20 0483     FDA 510(K) K092496  yz-logo-klein    identceram-logo_klein