Copran® Zr | Copran® Zr Precoloured

Classic zirconia with highest bending strength for bridges (1400 MPa).


The Facts

  • With suitable mount and imprinted bar code
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available in white or precoloured in the dentin colours light, medium, intense
  • Possible sizes are 20/15, 20/19, 40/15, 40/19 und für MC XL in 55/19, 65/25, 65/40 and 85/40
  • For further systems click here


light A1 B1 C1 D2
medium A2 A3 B2 C2 D3
intense A3,5 A4 B3 B4 C3 C4 D4


All blocks with matching holder and printed barcode.

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perfection for a lifetime

Perfection „Made in Germany“
Due to the exclusive use of very fine, spray granulated raw material from Tosoh / Japan – the world market leader for zirconia dioxides – we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on our zirconia products.

CE 26 x 20 0483   FDA  510(K) K092496   yz-logo-klein    identceram-logo_klein