CopraSmile Color PaintOn

Paint on colouring liquid for painting CopraSmile zirconium – Before sintering

Specifically developed for colouring high translucent, cubic zirconium, water based without acids, fully benefitting from the capillary attraction of the zirconium.


Now also available in the Jean Chiha Edition.


The Facts

  • Specifically developed for colouring high translucent zirconium
  • Water based, does not contain acids
  • Does not corrode metal instruments or metal workbench surfaces
  • Does not corrode the heating elements in the sintering furnace
  • Does not contain oily substances, can therefore benefit from the capillary attraction of the zirconium and infiltrates quickly and deeply into the structure
  • At the cutting of sinter drops, connecting bars or milling of telescopes you will not experience any lighter areas or blotches
  • If a colour is too intensive for your taste, CopraSmile Color PaintOn can easily be dissolved with distilled water to lighten the tone
  • Copran® Color Colours reproduce correctly the 4 colour groups of the VITA* Classic colours
  • 16 different classic colours A1-D4



CopraSmile Color PaintOn Margin Colours
Margin A1/B1  (M1) 15 ml
Margin A2/A3  (M2) 15 ml
Margin A3,5/A4  (M3) 15 ml
Margin B2/D2  (M4) 15 ml
Margin B3/B4  (M5) 15 ml
Margin C1/C2  (M6) 15 ml
Margin C3/C4  (M7) 15 ml
Margin D3/D4  (M8) 15 ml
CopraSmile Color PaintOn Body Colours
Body A1 15 ml
Body A2 15 ml
Body A3 15 ml
Body A3,5 15 ml
Body A4 15 ml
Body B1 15 ml
Body B2 15 ml
Body B3 15 ml
Body B4 15 ml
Body C1 15 ml
Body C2 15 ml
Body C3 15 ml
Body C4 15 ml
Body D2 15 ml
Body D3 15 ml
Body D4 15 ml
CopraSmile Color PaintOn Incisal Colours
Incisal Light 15 ml
Incisal Medium 15 ml
Incisal Dark 15 ml
Incisal Translucent-Sky 15 ml
Incisal Fluorescent 15 ml
CopraSmile Color PaintOn Occlusal Colours
Occlusal Pink 15 ml
Occlusal Grey 15 ml
Occlusal Yellow 15 ml
Occlusal Amber 15 ml
Occlusal Dark-Grey 15 ml
Occlusal Brown 15 ml
Occlusal Opaque-White 15 ml
Occlusal Opaque A-D-Group 15 ml
Blocker 15 ml
CopraSmile Color PaintOn Colour Sets
CopraSmile Color PaintOn Set 32 colours (all colours) 480 ml
CopraSmile Color PaintOn Body Set 240 ml
CopraSmile Color PaintOn Margin Set 120 ml
CopraSmile Color PaintOn Occlusal Set (8 Occlusal Colours) 120 ml
CopraSmile Color PaintOn Test Set 75 ml


CopraSmile Color PaintOn Colouring Liquids are a medical device class IIa appendix IX 2.1 rule 8 according
to the RL 93/42 EWG marked  CE 0483 / FDA 510(K) K123680.


Available in 100 ml and 250 ml.


The stain system consists of:

16 Body Colours A1 – D4

8 Margin Colours A1/B1 – D3/D4

3 Incisal Colours Light, Medium, Dark

4 Effect Colours, Pink, Grey, Yellow, Amber, Blocker


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