Calidia Summit 600
Porcelain Firing & Pressing Furnace

Calidia Summit 600

Calidia Summit 600

Porcelain firing and pressing furnace
Pressing programs provided for all major ingot brands

Exclusive Muffle Design with Radiance Ring®
for perfect heat ray distribution

More translucent and lively ceramic firing

Ultra-accurate temperature control

Consistent results in every of your cases

High resolution touch screen operation

80 programs, editable while program is already running

Automatic fan reduces cooling time up to 50%

Easy program transfer or software updates by USB stick


Superior Performance at an exceptional price


Technical Specifications
Muffle Chamber  80 Ø by 57 mm high
Muffle Type Open Wire with Radiance Ring®
Power 1.200 Watts
Max. Temperature 1.200 C / 2.200 F
Dimensions (LWH) 280 x 280 x 648 mm

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