CopraSintec Evo K

World first: Isostatic high pressured block for Co/Cr grinding, most delicate structures and minimal wall thicknesses can be realized. The blank block does not contain binder anymore, so the sintering time is greatly reduced, resulting in less argon gas consumption.


The Facts

  • Optimal homogeneity due to isostatic high pressure manufacturing process
  • Non precious metal alloy type 4, therefore no limitations compared to milled or cast Co/ Cr alloys
  • High yield due to big surface and small shrinkage – up to 40 units in a blank
  • Only 8,5% shrinkage due to unique, isostatic high pressure manufacturing process with optimal homogeneity – no distortion during sintering
  • Minimal wear of burs due to soft, but milling resistant material structure – therefore often called soft metal
  • Optional wet- or dry processing possible using a wax strategy
  • Currently available in the size 65×40
  • For further systems click here


CE 26 x 20 0483      FDA approved     IdentAlloy

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